Profitable digital service niches

When we think about drop servicing, we should look at it from the same dropshipping angle. In other words, every single service is essentially a product we need to ‘offer’ to prospective clients.

Why is that important? Well, consider regular, brick-and-mortar shop sales; few people will be looking for quinoa, but the vast majority might want to buy a bottle of water or a gallon of milk. To put it simply, the market speaks for itself, and the services that most people are looking for should be the services you should try dropping.

Of course, you need to consider a few things before you start your drop business. For instance, some competition is great, but if too many companies offer the same service model, you should really steer clear of it. In addition, more often than not you will earn a lot more from businesses than regular clients. So, if you get an order for a CV or a bio translation, it won’t be as profitable as getting an order for managing a company’s social media pages.

All of that leaves us with an important question: which services, then, should we drop? Are there some we should avoid?

Well, no; the market is huge enough for any type of service to find a customer. In other words, you can literally offer anything you want to the clients. Some of the most sought-after digital services for dropping include:

Storyboard artist
Social media management
Logo animation
Virtual assistant
User testing
Animated GIF files
Lead generation
Voice-over work
Writing CVs and resumes
Book trailers

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